Share Information

Ananda Developments PLC’s shares are traded on AQSE Exchange Growth Market.

The Ananda ticker code is ANA.

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Number of securities in issue: 794,742,368 ordinary shares of £0.002 each.

No securities are held as treasury shares.

68.02% of Ananda Developments plc’s shares held in public hands.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Significant Shareholders

As at 22 October 2021, as far as the Directors are aware, the following shareholders are Company Directors or interested in 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company.


Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Issued Share Capital
Melissa Sturgess 177,724,170 22.36
Charles Morgan 151,071,781 19.01
Barnard Nominees Limited 87,810,000 11.05
Hargreaves Lansdown Nominees Limited 50,299,009 6.33
Lynchwood Nominees Limited 44,979,317 5.66
Jim Nominees Limited 42,154,683 5.30
Pershing Nominees Limited 30,335,000 3.82
Hargreaves Nominees Limited 28,761,392 3.62
Peter Redmond 15,244,667 1.92

Warrant and Option Holders

As at 13 May 2021, as far as the Directors are aware, the following persons/entities hold either a warrant deed or option agreement over ordinary shares in the Company.

Instrument Holder Instrument Type Number of Warrants/Options Held
Charles Morgan Five Year Option 9,282,778
Melissa Sturgess Five Year Option 9,282,778
Inbar Pomeranchik Five Year Option 4,641,389
Jeremy Sturgess-Smith Employee Option 10,451,389
URA Holdings Plc Three Year Warrant 88,888,889
Eli Schmell Employee Option 6,300,000
James Kerr Employee Option 4,180,555
Smaller Company Capital Limited Two Year Warrant 40,000,000
Rupert Williams Two Year Warrant 20,000,000


If all warrants and options were to be exercised, the dilutive effect on the current share capital of the Company is 19.25%.