Welcome to Ananda Developments

Ananda’s mission is to be a leading provider of cannabinoid medicines for the treatment of complex, chronic inflammatory pain conditions. 

What is the opportunity for cannabinoid medicines? 

The world has an increasing problem with hard to treat complex and chronic inflammatory pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, rheumatology, endometriosis and epilepsy.  

In the UK, the NHS spends more than £5 billion per year on treating chronic pain conditions, and the global anti-inflammatory drugs market is projected to reach US$191.42 billion by 2027.   

In the UK alone, there are approximately 28 million people who suffer from chronic pain. These conditions are often poorly treated or treated with medicines and procedures that are invasive or have negative side effects. There is a growing body of evidence – both clinical and real world – demonstrating that cannabis and its constituents are very good at treating these complex chronic inflammatory pain conditions.  

How is Ananda tackling this large, unmet need? 

Ananda is developing a range of cannabinoid-based medicines targeting the treatment of complex, chronic inflammatory pain conditions. Our goals are to deliver: 

  • The highest quality cannabinoid medicines, manufactured in the UK to the highest pharmaceutical standards 
  • Robust clinical trials by partnering with world leading researchers
  • Patented and licenced cannabinoid medicines that are available on the NHS 

Ananda has a team comprised of seasoned, successful and driven entrepreneurs together with best-in-class operational and technical staff to deliver on our goals.  

Ananda Developments is listed on the AQSE Growth Market in London. Click here for a list of brokers you can contact if you would like to buy shares in Ananda. 

Please also contact us at ir@anandadevelopments.com if you have any questions. 

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