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Ananda Developments is listed on the AQSE Growth Market in London and provides a UK based listed platform for cannabis investors to gain exposure to the sector.

We believe that the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK will continue. Over the last few years, as the UK health authorities and government agencies have gathered more evidence to support the use of medical cannabis to treat a range of illnesses and conditions, we have already seen medical cannabis being more widely available.

Ananda Developments’ vision is to become a significant listed company participant in the emerging medical cannabis sector, with a focus on the UK.

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Our Investments

Via a convertible loan note Ananda Developments has an interest in iCAN: Israel Cannabis , a global leader in medicinal cannabis research and a recognized thought leader in the space.

It has a 15% shareholding in Liberty Herbal Technologies which is the owner of the recently launched hapacĀ® technology for the dry vaping of medicinal cannabis.

Ananda Developments holds 100% of Tiamat Agriculture Limited, which owns 50% of DJT Group Limited which has been granted a Home Office licence to grow >0.2% THC cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Ananda Developments will seek to continue to build its footprint in the nascent cannabis sector in order to participate fully as medicinal, therapeutic and wellness cannabis grow in market acceptance.

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