Ananda owns a dedicated cultivation and research facility in the UK through its subsidiary DJT Plants Limited.

DJT Plants has completed two years of scaled cultivation trials in our unique outdoor multichapelle structures. Our growing method does not use any artificial light or heat and is therefore more cost effective and a lower carbon alternative to traditionally indoor-grown medical cannabis. The cultivation trials have determined the environmental conditions and genetics that will provide the ideal crop yields, quality and cannabinoid profiles in our location. These cultivation trials mean DJT Plants is now well placed to progress toward obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals to cultivate and commercially sell high-quality medical cannabis flower as an active pharmaceutical ingredient when market conditions allow. 

DJT Plants is also undertaking a cannabis sativa genetic stabilisation programme. Using the single seed descent method and our novel protocols, we are developing a range of stable genetic lines that will then be cross-bred to create first generation hybrids that can be used in our own cultivation and sold to customers for commercial crop cultivation. Our genetics are chosen and developed to meet the needs of patients and allow our customers to grow directly from seed rather than clones, which we believe is the future of the medical cannabis industry and will ultimately deliver a better product for patients at lower cost.