What is iCan?

  • a globally recognised Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry.
  • provides Ananda with access to the Israeli Medical Cannabis sector, the leading global centre of Cannabis research and development.
  • iCan subsidiaries and partners;
    • iCAN Services (100%) – provides advisory services and incubates start-ups. Gives Ananda access to the most exciting, nascent cannabis ventures in Israel.
    • CannaTech (100%) the world’s leading cannabis symposium. Runs annual conferences in Tel Aviv, Sydney and Panama with plans in place for Africa and Hong Kong conferences starting in 2019.
    • CMTREX (20%) an online Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange based on Israeli IP which was developed for the international diamond market.
    • CannRX (5%) has created an advanced extraction technology – VCT patented vapor capture technology. The VCT creates liquid soluble cannabinoid profiles that can be used in downstream pharmaceuticals.

The Investment

US$200,000 of 6% yielding CLNs

Why we like it

  • Foundation investment.
  • International thought leader in the cannabis space.
  • direct access to Israeli companies in the medical cannabis space.
  • direct access to highest quality intellectual capabilities for assessing deals and ensuring best practice in investee companies.


What is hapac®?

  • small, ready-to-use filter-paper sachets of pre-ground medical cannabis,
    specially designed for use in dry-herb vaporisers.
  • heat not burn.
  • wasted cannabis, toxicants and odour dramatically reduced.
  • makes vaping medical cannabis as simple, easy and satisfying as using a coffee pod.
  • goal is to build a valuable, legal and global cannabis brand (hap®) based on the unique
    benefits of hapac®, its patent pending technology for vaping medical cannabis.
  • business model is to license the intellectual property to authorised cannabis processors in
    legal cannabis markets, for the manufacture and sale of hapac® based products.
  • Following successful trials in Seattle, hapac® has commercially launched in Italy, December 2018.
  • A Canadian launch being planned for 2019.
  • Three founders have over 75 years expertise between them in MD / CEO and senior roles in British American Tobacco, creating and building global brands in vaping and e-cigarette devices.

The Investment

  • £460,000 for 15%.
  • Board seat.
  • Ability to follow rights on further rounds.
  • First right of refusal on future raisings for 2 years.

Why we like it

    • Exceptional team.
    • Disciplined strategy.
    • Novel yet simple delivery method.
    • Measured dose.
    • Sensible valuation.
    • Significant upside potential.
    • Revenue.

Tiamat Agriculture Limited

What is Tiamat (TAL)?

  • Tiamat Agriculture Limited (TAL) was incorporated to gain a Home Office licence to cultivate high (>0.2%) THC cannabis.
  • TAL is working in partnership with J E Piccaver & Co and Anglia Salads (together, JEPCO Group) a large scale farming company, to obtain a Home Office Cannabis cultivation licence.
  • TAL and the JEPCO Group both own 50% of DJT Group Ltd, a company which owns 100% of DJT Plants Ltd – which is the body that will submit an application to the Home Office.
  • DJT Plants has previously owned two Home Office high THC cannabis cultivation licences.
  • The JEPCO Group have previously held a Home Office licence to cultivate high THC (>0.2% THC) cannabis.
  • TAL is drawing on this specialist skill-set of professional farmers who previously grew high THC cannabis for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Accessing infrastructure of the JEPCO Group, thus reducing CAPEX requirements.

The Investment

  • Up to £100,000 for the repayment of founders initial costs.
  • Deferred consideration of 200,000,000 CLNs @0.45p on successful granting of high THC license by the Home Office.

Why we like it

    • The JEPCO Group has direct experience growing medical grade cannabis for an established pharmaceutical company.
    • Synergistic potential with previous investments:
      • hapac®
      • Israel’s R&D and scientific know-how
    • Upside revenue potential – agreement is a 50/50 profit share between Tiamat and the JEPCO Group.
    • TAL and the JEPCO Group plan to grow >0.2% THC cannabis as medical cannabis legislation in the UK is changing to make cannabis more available to patients.