Tiamat Agriculture Limited

What is Tiamat (TAL)?

  • Tiamat Agriculture Limited (TAL) was incorporated to gain a Home Office licence to cultivate high (>0.2%) THC cannabis.
  • TAL is working in partnership with J E Piccaver & Co and Anglia Salads (together, JEPCO Group) a large scale farming company, to obtain a Home Office Cannabis cultivation licence.
  • TAL and the JEPCO Group both own 50% of DJT Group Ltd, a company which owns 100% of DJT Plants Ltd – which is the body that will submit an application to the Home Office.
  • DJT Plants has previously owned two Home Office high THC cannabis cultivation licences.
  • The JEPCO Group have previously held a Home Office licence to cultivate high THC (>0.2% THC) cannabis.
  • TAL is drawing on this specialist skill-set of professional farmers who previously grew high THC cannabis for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Accessing infrastructure of the JEPCO Group, thus reducing CAPEX requirements.

The Investment

ANA owns 100% of Tiamat Agriculture Limited and 50% of DJT Group Limited.

Why we like it

    • The JEPCO Group has direct experience growing medical grade cannabis for an established pharmaceutical company.
    • TAL and the JEPCO Group plan to grow >0.2% THC cannabis as medical cannabis legislation in the UK is changing to make cannabis more available to patients.


What is iCan?

  • a globally recognised Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry.
  • provides Ananda with access to the Israeli Medical Cannabis sector, the leading global centre of Cannabis research and development.
  • iCan subsidiaries and partners;
    • iCAN Services (100%) – provides advisory services and incubates start-ups. Gives Ananda access to the most exciting, nascent cannabis ventures in Israel.
    • CannaTech (100%) the world’s leading cannabis symposium. Runs annual conferences in Tel Aviv, Sydney and Panama with plans in place for Africa and Hong Kong conferences starting in 2019.
    • CMTREX (20%) an online Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange based on Israeli IP which was developed for the international diamond market.
    • CannRX (5%) has created an advanced extraction technology – VCT patented vapor capture technology. The VCT creates liquid soluble cannabinoid profiles that can be used in downstream pharmaceuticals.

The Investment

180 ordinary shares resulting in the conversion of USD200,000 of CLNs due to iCAN’s recent equity placement on a valuation of USD20m

Why we like it

  • Foundation investment.
  • International thought leader in the cannabis space.
  • direct access to Israeli companies in the medical cannabis space.
  • direct access to highest quality intellectual capabilities for assessing deals and ensuring best practice in investee companies.