iCan: Israel Cannabis

What is iCan?

  • a globally recognised Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry.
  • provides Ananda with access to the Israeli Medical Cannabis sector, the leading global centre of Cannabis research and development.
  • iCan subsidiaries and partners;
    • iCAN Services (100%) – provides advisory services and incubates start-ups. Gives Ananda access to the most exciting, nascent cannabis ventures in Israel.
    • CannaTech (100%) the world’s leading cannabis symposium. Runs annual conferences in Tel Aviv, Sydney and Panama with plans in place for Africa and Hong Kong conferences starting in 2019.
    • CMTREX (20%) an online Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange based on Israeli IP which was developed for the international diamond market.
    • CannRX (5%) has created an advanced extraction technology – VCT patented vapor capture technology. The VCT creates liquid soluble cannabinoid profiles that can be used in downstream pharmaceuticals.

The Investment

US$200,000 of 6% yielding CLNs

Why we like it

  • Foundation investment.
  • International thought leader in the cannabis space.
  • direct access to Israeli companies in the medical cannabis space.
  • direct access to highest quality intellectual capabilities for assessing deals and ensuring best practice in investee companies.