hapac® – Liberty Herbal Technologies

What is hapac®?

  • small, ready-to-use filter-paper sachets of pre-ground medical cannabis,
    specially designed for use in dry-herb vaporisers.
  • heat not burn.
  • wasted cannabis, toxicants and odour dramatically reduced.
  • makes vaping medical cannabis as simple, easy and satisfying as using a coffee pod.
  • goal is to build a valuable, legal and global cannabis brand (hap®) based on the unique
    benefits of hapac®, its patent pending technology for vaping medical cannabis.
  • business model is to license the intellectual property to authorised cannabis processors in
    legal cannabis markets, for the manufacture and sale of hapac® based products.
  • Following successful trials in Seattle, hapac® has commercially launched in Italy, December 2018.
  • A Canadian launch being planned for 2019.
  • Three founders have over 75 years expertise between them in MD / CEO and senior roles in British American Tobacco, creating and building global brands in vaping and e-cigarette devices.

The Investment

  • £460,000 for 15%.
  • Board seat.
  • Ability to follow rights on further rounds.
  • First right of refusal on future raisings for 2 years.

Why we like it

  • Exceptional team.
  • Disciplined strategy.
  • Novel yet simple delivery method.
  • Measured dose.
  • Sensible valuation.
  • Significant upside potential.
  • Revenue.