Ananda Developments


Charles Waite Morgan, Director of Ananda Developments

Charles Waite Morgan, Chairman

Charles Morgan is a resources and technology venture capitalist who has identified emerging sectors and acquired early stage and strategic positions in a wide range of ventures around the globe. He has a proven track record in identifying early stage commercial opportunities and acting as a corporate catalyst, acquiring strategic assets and positions, partnering with regional and technology experts, securing teams of appropriate executives and funds to build and develop projects and companies.

Mr Morgan started his career in futures broking in London with M.L. Doxford & Co and left to join merchant bank Morgan Grenfell Limited in Sydney, Australia before moving to broking with ANZ McCaughan Dyson Limited in Melbourne and London. He then joined BZW Securities Limited in London before going back to Australia to form Morgan McFarlane a licensed securities dealer which raised equity funds for (mainly) Perth based mining and oil exploration companies.

Mr Morgan is involved in investing in various businesses and start-ups in the UK and San Francisco including Neuro‐Bio Ltd (discoverer of cause and potential drugs for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Disease), TGMatrix (shipper and transport matching engine), Brytlyt (GPU based data base analytics), PensionBee (gathering people’s various pensions into one), Teamable (social media based employment) and Headnote (de‐chequing legal firms in the US).

He is currently Chair of both Grand Gulf Energy Limited and Whitebark Energy Ltd.

Melissa Josephine Sturgess, Chief Executive Director

Melissa Sturgess holds a BSc and an MBA and has many years of experience as a director of AIM and ASX quoted companies,  mainly involved in the acquisition, structuring and financing of natural resources deals across Africa. She was most recently a key driver in the successful recapitalisation of Messaging International PLC during 2016 which subsequently changed its name to SigmaRoc PLC, which acquired a building materials business via a reverse takeover and raised £50 million from a range of investors in the Channel Islands and the UK.

Dr-Inbar-Maymon-Pomeranchik, Director of Ananda Developments

Dr. Inbar Maymon Pomeranchik, PhD, Executive Director

Dr Pomeranchik holds a PhD in plant sciences molecular biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a multi-disciplinary post-doctorate from the Weizmann Institute, combining drug biochemistry with plant science.  Inbar has hands-on experience in all aspects of the Biotech industry obtained through 15 years of molecular and genetic research and development: from academic research to commercial project lead, from small start-ups to large corporations. More recently, Dr Pomeranchik founded Biodiligence Limited, a private company, which provides consultancy services in the field of biotechnology and agricultural technology within the Medicinal Cannabis space for venture capitalists, private equity investors and family offices.  Inbar is at the forefront of the scientific thinking regarding medical cannabis and is a well-respected figure in the global cannabis eco-system.  She is regular speaker at cannabis conferences around the world.

John Treacy, Director at Ananda Developments

John Michael Treacy, Non-Executive Director

Mr Treacy is an experienced London-based small cap financier who specialises in working with growing companies. He qualified as a solicitor in the London office of a major international law firm where he specialised in Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions. From there he moved on to practice corporate finance in the advisory teams of several prominent UK brokerages where he acted as an adviser to a number of AIM companies and advised on numerous IPOs, acquisitions, debt restructurings and placings.